Yojackets understands the privacy of its customers, and therefore we ensure the protection of all your personal data. We also discourage such shameful activities that lead towards sharing, selling and disclosing personal details of the customers.

Our safe and secure server process creates a high level safety assurance that made all your personal information fully protected.

Your personal data will remain protected in our secure server location which we use for the future transaction and exclusive offers which we share with you.

No information is shared, leased, lent or sold to any other company for further solicitation, other than what is permitted or required by law.

When you choose to purchase the product from our site, we collect your personal details i.e. first name, last name, email address and password that is required to create an account.

To make your order secure and protected we use your personal information which ensures that no one else can deal with your purchase.
You can easily change, edit or delete all your saved data at any time by simply logging in to your account, where you can edit your username, password or can delete any of your personal data without any problem.