Here at Yo jackets, we always did our best to satisfy our customers through the provision of quality and style that you need. However, if you’re not satisfied with our product you can easily return and exchange it. All you need to follow this simple and easy rules mentioned below:

• You need to acknowledge us through email by a call, so that we can understand your issue and help you better in resolving it.

• You can return your jacket within 7 days if you are living in the US. Customers outside the US are required to return their product within 14 days.

• We only accept those items for return and exchange, that are in proper shape or in re-sellable structure along with a tag or label.

• If the product found defective, or without tag, then it will not be considered for return and exchange.

• Please make it sure that all the valuable of the jacket, I.e. buttons or zip should be in good condition and you must return to us in proper and well managed packaging.

• Whether you want to return the jacket or want to replace it with another, you have to bear both side shipping charges.

• Once we received your return request, we will email you regarding the shipping charges.

• If you are not happy with the standard of the product, you can return it to us and we will give you a refund coupon. So that you can use it in purchasing other jackets from our online shop.